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Cyclomaniacs Epic Gameplay

Cyclomaniacs 2

Cyclomaniacs - Enjoy playing this game at the Comfort of your Home !

The Cyclomaniacs 2 gives you a chance to show your pedal power among seven madcap bicycle riders. Show your bike tricks to pass different challenges because it is not easy to win the race after upgrading to a new level. The game is quite challenging and interesting to play because you have to pass lots of hurdles. Initially, you may get lower ranks, but no need to worry as a whole, helpful guide is available for the first-time players. The controls of cyclomaniacs 2 are very responsive and intuitive because you can remember them easily.

Controls of the Game

Speed: The speed control will help you to run the bike at the fastest rate and slow down at a point. You can hit up, down or W and S keys on the keyboard to accelerate the bike. You can jump to show stunts, but keep it in mind that in the air, you have to sacrifice your pace. In the air, your bike will be slow down; therefore, it will be good to slow down your speed while leaping to get back to the ground as soon as possible.

Pitch: D and A keys or forward and backward cursor keys will help you to control the angle. You can show various tricks, but this will require a certain amount of time and speed; hence, try to pitch your bike on the level of your wheels while keeping the bike align on the ground. If you want minimum loss of speed, judge to steep the climb while pitching your wheels for instant change of direction.

Jump: To experience jump, you have to hit "X" or the spacebar on the keyboard. The jump enables you to remain in the air for a short period. With faster speed, you will be able to enjoy a long and high jump. A jump at the right time will help you to elevate your bike, and you can easily do a consecutive trick. Small bumps on the road will give a quick hop and less loss of speed.

Bike Tricks and Boost: The players can take the benefits of almost six different bike tricks. The tricks will improve your trick bar, and you can get the benefits of multiple boosts by filling the trick bar before the depletion of the boost meter. You may lose one booster in case of an accident.

Front and Back Wheelies: You can perform wheelies by lifting your front and back wheels. By sustaining the wheels in the same position, you will be able to get the benefits of stunt bonus.

Front and Back Rolls: You can get the advantages of front and back rolls in the midair. In the elevated position, you can turn the bike in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Carefully put the bike back in the right place to avoid a crash when you land.

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

You can do this by pitching up the front wheel of your bike in the midair. If you want to maximize the bonus, you have to do it repeatedly. The trick requires maximum time in the air; therefore, do this trick after a high jump. You can enjoy different stunt bonuses by playing this trick. Last Hope Bus is another must try title.

Inverts: This trick is also done in the midair, and you are advised to do this while having plenty of time in the air before landing. It is simple to do, just roll your wheels in the way while having your head above before landing on the ground. Lucky stunt will help you to get an invert bonus. Super Smash Flash 2 is another great game in the directory. A small amount of bonus money is available for initial players, but you can earn maximum awards and rewards by upgrading different levels.

game review

In Cyclomaniacs 2 try to fill your trick meter by doing stunts because as the skill meter is full, you will be able to expand your game. You can multiply the boost by keep filling the boost meter. The Sir Colin and Farty Pants can spin so quickly, and you can do front flips easily with the help of rotation and bunny hopping. Continue all the tricks to multiply the boost for maximum advantages during the game. You are advised to read all instructions carefully to increase the fun and excitement of this eventful game. If you are more into Zombie games then Zombocalypse is a must try game for you!