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Cyclomaniacs Epic Gameplay


Cyclomaniacs - Enjoy playing this game at the Comfort of your Home !

The Cyclomaniacs is one of the best games for bike lovers because you can enjoy an invigorating race without any physical exercise. You can somersault over the projections and bursting wheelies on the crates. The player can have a great time to pursue on almost 26 tracks with 20 different unlockable characters. The game is simple to play because explicit instructions are available for all players.

Controls of the Game

Controls of the games are quite easy to understand without any difficulty. You can control the movement of the character with the help of the right, left, up and down arrows, or WASD keys. The “X” or “Space” keys are available to jump the bike. Hold directional keys to somersault the biker, and you can also play different tricks in the middle of the air, or pop wheelies to get a strong stunt bar. The stunts-acts can give an instant boost to your speed. You have to be careful while doing stunts because your face should remain up before hitting the ground.

Avoid crash while playing cyclomaniacs because it will send you back to the last checkpoint you recently passed. A checkered flag can recognize every check post, and you have to be very cautious while playing the game because you may set back to the last place even in seconds. Initial players may get access to a single track only, but after passing different challenges and levels, you will be able to unlock other tracks also. After unlocking every track, you will have to face new challenges. You can get lots of advantages also after finishing the route within a particular time. Douchebag Workout 3 is another great game you should try! After winning each different races and completing various challenges, you can upgrade your bike and characters also. You will get a chance to swap back and forth between your favorite characters and features after winning each race.

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Following are some tips for your help to increase the fun and excitement of the game:

You can enjoy the best spins with the help of bikes with smaller wheels, and the longer bikes are ideal for better wheelies.

For the back and front wheels, you can prefer bigger wheelies.

The back wheelie is the best option to get rid of the muddy areas.

Try to land with both wheels at the same time for perfect landing.

If you get stuck at any phase while inclining, you can lean forward to raise the back of the wheel to give some lift to bike.

In a level, you can do 40 jumps by pressing “X” repeatedly all through the level.

Your score will be multiplied after every win, and you can be able to unlock some extra features on each level.

Cheat Codes for the Game

There are some cheat codes available for the Cyclomaniacs to activate different cheat functions, such as:

CHEESE - to activate the low gravity

GERBIL for Supergravity

ELVIS to activate the Auto boost

HADDOCK for Haddock costume

SNEAKY START by hitting Press UP for a quick start.

game review

In Cyclomaniacs try to fill your trick meter by doing stunts because as the skill meter is full, you will be able to expand your game. You can multiply the boost by keep filling the boost meter. The Sir Colin and Farty Pants can spin so quickly, and you can do front flips easily with the help of rotation and bunny hopping. Continue all the tricks to multiply the boost for maximum advantages during the game. You are advised to read all instructions carefully to increase the fun and excitement of this eventful game. Besides Cyclomaniacs you can also try the cat mario, Penalty Fever or Armor Mayhem.
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